Udenlandske branchefolks oplevelse af SPOT Festival

Brigitte Binger

Over 350 udenlandske branchefolk er til stede under SPOT. Vi har mødt nogle af dem for at høre om deres festivaloplevelser.


Stephan Thanscheidt – FKP Scorpio, Tysklands største bookingbureau

- The festival has been very good so far. Unfortunately I haven’t seen as much music as I would like. I have been busy doing meetings, and I was also doing a seminar on Godsbanen, about how to jump the German market. Tonight I am going to see a lot of music though. I am really looking forward to that.



Ingo Beckmann, Booker, Target Concerts, Tyskland

- So far so good, Aarhus is a very nice city, with nice people and great music. My absolute favourite has been When Saints Go Machine, they made an outstanding performance. Today I’m heading to see Dangers of the Sea, Where did Nora go, Simian Ghost, and whatever comes my way of other great artists and bands.




Klaus Plewa, Booker, Ink Music, Østrig

- Jonas Alaska and Mont Oliver were my favourite. I also liked Kissaway Trail. I haven’t seen as much as I wanted to, but hopefully I will today. My plan is to see Ice Cream Cathedral, Echo Me, Cancer and Simian Ghost. I really like that all the venues are close to each other and that the distance between venues are short.




Samuel Breen, Journalist, The Independent, UK

- Today’s industry is about brands not products, and it’s not necessarily a good thing that music is financially supported. In my opinion you’ll get a much more creative environment without capitalizing music. Actually I think you should kick out the music industry, and let the music speak for itself. Culture shouldn’t be about money. With that said, I think SPOT is a nice festival. I especially enjoyed watching Dinner last night. He was totally brilliant, and an artist that makes great music.


Janine Sterenborg, Blogger, Nordic Vibes, Holland

- It’s a really good festival. I have been here many times. I have been recording some acoustic sessions with Boho Dancer, Yast, Cody and Annasaid. Especially the one with Cody was really great because we did it in the Your Rainbow Panorama at ARoS, and the rainbow was filled with people who stood still and listened. Besides that I have seen a lot of really great bands: Nelson Can, MØ, Mariam the Believer, Penny Police and the amazing Dad Rocks!



Pablo Gonzalez Batista – Radio 3, Radio Nacional de Espana (Spaniens største radiostation)

- I am very surprised that the musical level is so high in Denmark. Every concert you go to, you can trust that you are going to see something good. I have seen all different kind of music from death metal to pop. There are so many good musicians in Denmark. Among the highlights is Kites and Komets, Kamilia Amélie, Alina Devercerski, Paper Tigers, Mother Lewinsky and Six City Stompers – I danced a lot to them. Tonight I’m going to see Flødeklinikken, The Good The Bad and We were Born Canaries, because I am born in the Canaries.
When I get back home to Spain, I’m making a photo gallery on the radio stations website. We will also have a special day with Nordic music on the radio. I have a lot of great experiences from SPOT Festival, which I will share with Monkeyweek, a similar festival in Spain.